About Sopron



Sopron is a picturesque town in the northwestern Hungary. It is situated 220 km from Budapest, 60 km from Vienna and 90 km from Bratislava – the Hungarian, the Austrian and the Slovakian capitals. Located close to the border, Sopron has a diverse cultural life. This diversification appears in the centre of the town as its architecture combines western European and the Hungarian features.

Sopron is surrounded by the foothills of the Alps, thus it is characterized by a beautiful hilly landscape, which is ideal for outdoor activities like jogging, mountain biking and hiking. Lake Fertő, Central Europe’s largest endorheic lake, is also very close to the town.

For more information about sights, restaurants, programs, etc., please visit the official website of Sopron on the following link: http://www.sopron.hu/Sopron/portal/english