Ecuadoran cooperation at the University of Sopron



Representative of the Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam (Ecuador), Dr. Caroline Bacquet visited the University of Sopron on 29 November 2021. On behalf of the University of Sopron, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Ferenc Lakatos and Director General of the Forest Research Institute Dr. Attila Borovics welcomed Ms. Bacquet.

The aim of the visit was to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions. The representatives of both universities held a short presentation on the most important facts and figures of the given institution. After the presentations, the participants discussed the possibility of deepening the collaboration for example with joint research projects in the field of forestry, sustainability, geoinformatics, etc., student/teacher/researcher exchange and so on. The participants also visited the Botanical Institute, and Dr. Zoltán Pásztory showed Dr. Caroline Bacquet around the Natural Resources Research Centre.