General information

Name and Contact Details of the University

Name of the Univerity

University of Sopron

Name of the Faculty

Faculty of Forestry

Address Bajcsy Zs. street 4.
H-9400 Sopron

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Contact persons

Contact persons

Name Function

Contact details

Ms. Márta SÁNDOR

International affairs representative
Institutional Erasmus coordinator

Phone: +36 (99) 518-210
E-mail: sandor.marta@uni-sopron.hu
dr. Borbála GÁLOS

associate professor
Erasmus coordinator at the Faculty of Forestry

Phone: +36 (99) 518-622
E-mail: galos.borbala@uni-sopron.hu
Noémi ILOVSZKY International student representative
(student office)
Phone: +36 (99) 518-737
E-mail: nagyne.ilovszky.noemi@uni-sopron.hu
Mónika PAPPNÉ BALASKÓ Director of the student hostel Phone: +36 (99) 518-238
E-mail: balasko.monika@uni-sopron.hu

Academic calendar

Academic Calendar

  Fall semester Spring Semester

Application deadlines

June 1st November 1st
Lecture period

1st week of September –
Middle of December

1st week of February –
Middle of May

Exam period

Middle of December –
End of January

Middle of May –
End of June

Language requirements
English: B2 level

Hungarian Grades vs ECTS


Hungarian Grade
(Five-point scale)

ECTS Grade system



ECTS Grade

% of successful students normally  achieving the grade


5 – jeles

Excellent, Very good Outstanding with minor errors



EXCELLENT - outstanding performance with only minor errors



VERY GOOD - above the average standard but with some errors

4 –

Generally sound work with a number of notable errors



GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notable errors

3 – közepes

Satisfactory, Acceptable
Fair but with significant shortcomings



SATISFACTORY - fair but with significant shortcomings

2 – elégséges

Performance meets the minimum criteria



SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria

1 – elégtelen

Further work is required



FAIL - some more work required before the credit can be awarded



FAIL - considerable further work is required

List of courses

Subjects for spring semester 2018

ModuleCredit  Code
Bodenschutz 4 EBNXXXH1031
Environmental Chemistry 5 EG158-0A000
Environmental History 2 EG176-0BBB0
Environmental Protection 3 EG178-A0AAA
Field Mapping 3 EG657-EN
Forest Management Planning 5 EG588-A0000
Forest Protection 6 EG123-A0000
Great Field Trip I. 10 EG281-000K0
Land Use Change and Climate 5 EG670-E
Landscape Protection and Planing in Europe 2 EG576-000B0
Management and Marketing of Forest Resources    3 EG582-A0000
Management of Protected Forests 5 EG128-000A0
Plant Systematics 5 EG225-A00A0
Watershed Management 3 EG518-B0000
Hungarian language (see below)  10  


Subjects for fall semester 2018

ModuleCredit  Code
Analytical Chemistry 4 EG149-00A00
Biological Invasion 3 EG608-000B0
Climate Extremes and Impacts 5  
Eco-energetics 3 EG506-BBB00
Forest and Silviculture 2 E130-123
Forest Genetics 2 EG548-A0000
Forest Mensuration 5 EG196-A0000
Forest Typology 4 EG120-A0000
Geographic Information System 3 EG131-BAABB
Hydrology 4 EG142-A0B00
Introduction to Soil Science 2 EG164-AAA00
Plant Anatomy and Physiology 3 EG221-0AA00
Practical Course on Scientific Research                   10 EG-E-BBBBB
Remote Sensing 4 EG527-ABBAB
The Big Game of the World 2 EG89-0000C
Vertebrate Community Ecology 5 EG239-A00AA
Hungarian language (see below)        10  


Hungarian language for spring and fall semesters

Hungarian as a Foreign Language I.                       10         EG76-C
Hungarian as a Foreign Language II. 10 EG76-C
Hungarian for Beginners I. 2 EG75-C
Hungarian for Beginners II. 2 EG75-C


Documents to be submitted upon application:

  • Application form
  • Learning agreement
  • Transcript of records
  • Motivation letter
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (minimum of B2 level is required)
  • Proof of health insurance for EU applicants (copy of European health card)
  • Photo in biometric format


Accomodation in the student hostel

Accomodation fee

110 EUR/person/month (by bank transfer or credit card)

Deposit 110 EUR
Facilities included in the accommodation fee
  • Wireless internet connection (WLAN)
  • Television and telephone availability
  • Use of computer learn ing centres, study rooms and clubrooms, football field and bowling alley
  • Bicycle storing

The Faculty of Forestry - general information

Map: University buildings and dormitories