Harrer Chocolate Tasting 2021



Harrer Chocolate Factory

University of Sopron organised a chocolate tasting afternoon for its international students at Harrer Chocolate Factory on 6 November 2021.

Check the summary written by one of the Erasmus students and see the photos to remember the moments of the activity. »»

"On October 6th, a group of International Students visited the Harrer Chocolate Factory in Sopron. After a walk through the city on a sunny afternoon we arrived at the factory. There we got a glimpse on very tasty looking cakes and other delicacies before we were led into the presentation room. Through a wall of glass, we could see the machines of the factory and some people ending their work for that day. We were shown a short film, giving us an insight into the chocolate making process, from the very beginning of harvesting the Cacao fruits to packing the dried seeds into bags and to finally forming pralines out of different kinds of chocolate. After seeing these colourful pictures the tasting started. We were invited to taste a variety of chocolates, including for example dark chocolates like “Venezuela Okumare” or “Harrer`s Specieal Blend” and creative sorts like the orange “Sweet Pointed Pepper”, a chocolate called “Orange Blossom” and a red chocolate, which contained beet root. One highlight was that we got to taste the awarded World Champion of 2015: a creamy chocolate with apricot in it. Moreover, we were offered fruits covered in chocolate from a chocolate fountain. What a sweet afternoon!"

Josefine L. Krug
Erasmus student
Faculty of Forestry
University of Sopron