How to get here...

...From Budapest

After arriving to the airport of Budapest, you need to go to the main train station – called Keleti Pályaudvar – where you can take a direct train to Sopron.
You can choose from two transfer options: either you can take a taxi at the airport or you can use the public transport. The first one is obviously quicker, but more expensive, while the public transport is cheaper, though it lasts over an hour. If you decide to take a bus/tram/subway in Budapest, you can search for routes and connections on this page:
[ BKK Futar ]
If you already know the exact date of your arrival, please visit the following website for trains from Budapest to Sopron:
[ Hungarian Railway ]
Not only will you find information about trains on the site, but also you can book your ticket there
[ How to buy e-train-tickets? ]


...From Vienna

If you choose to travel to Vienna Airport instead of Budapest, you can check this website:
[ ÖBB Ticket and Services portal ]
One way to get to the main train station – called Wien Hauptbahnhof – from the airport is that you take a train to the main station. The other option is taking the city railway S7 at the airport. It leaves at the 18th and 48th minutes of every hour. Travel until the 7th stop called Rennweg. You have 5 minutes to change the platform and to take the city railway S3. Travel until the stop Wien Hauptbahnhof, then change the train with the destination of Deutschkreuz. Sopron is the 10th stop. To see the timetable of trains going to Deutschkreutz, please use the above-mentioned link.


...From Bratislava

Another airport close to Sopron is in Bratislava. For checking the transfer options from the aiport to the train station – called Bratislava-Petrzalka –, please visit the following website:
[ Bratislava airport site ]
To find direct connections from Bratislava-Petrzalka to Sopron, please use the website mentioned above
[ ÖBB Ticket and Services portal ]


University of Sopron


H-9400 Sopron
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 4.