Master in Education Science


Duration of studies: 4 semesters (2 years)
Study mode: full time degree program
Language of instruction: English
Qualification at the end of studies: Educational Scientist

Faculty: Benedek Elek Faculty of Education

ECTS credits: 120


Tuition fee/semester: 2.500 USD


The aim of the program is to train perfect professionals in the theoretical foundations and basic methods of educational sciences. Students will obtain an integrated knowledge of educational sciences and pedagogical practice, and neighbouring disciplines (philosophy, psychology, sociology, economy and law).

Fields of the program:

  • Theoretical and conceptual system of educational science 15-20 credits;
  • Psychological, social, political and legal background of education, teaching and training and their Hungarian and international aspects, trends 15-20 credits;
  • Main fields of education, teaching and civilization research and their research methodology 15-20 credits;
  • Educational and other institutions of education and training, as well as organisational and socialising forms of pedagogical innovation and support of organisational development 25-30 credits;
  • Specialization: 40-45 credits.


Specializations: Early Childhood Studies / Sustainability and Society


Career opportunities:

This program offers students in-depth knowledge for working at governmental authorities and companies, research institutions as well as for private companies, public administration, international organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like Educational Manager, Educational Administrator, Analyst, Educational Scholar and Researcher in schools and universities.


Undergraduate / Bachelor diploma (or higher) is required.

Full acknowledgement is given for the following degrees:

  • BA degree of Andragogy
  • BA degree of Teacher education
  • BA degree of Primary School Teacher Training
  • BA degree of Pre-School Teacher Training
  • BA degree of Infant and Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Education, Special Education, Social Pedagogy

Further bachelor’s or master’s degree programs are accepted in case the applicant possesses 50 credits in the following fields: pedagogical, psychological, philosophical and ethical studies; adult education studies; communicational science; health science; sociology, anthropology, political sciences; economic and legal studies.


Application period for September 2022 intake: 1st of April till the 31st of May 2022.

Application form is available here:

Application form and certificates need to be sent to Mr. Tamás NÉMETH during the application period. Email:


Required documents for application:


In case the required documents are NOT in ENGLISH language, a certified copy must be attached.

  • Form for Admission to the English Degree Programmes of University of Sopron 
  • copy of BA degree in English language
  • copy of the main pages of the passport (needs to be valid)
  • copy of the bank transfer for the application fee
  • motivation letter and CV



  • Applicants must be 18 years or older to enroll.
  • The language of instruction for the entire programme is English, so a very good command of English is required during the oral entrance exam and throughout the whole programme.
  • The language knowledge is assessed and evaluated during the interview, the Faculty of Education doesn’t require an official language certificate.
  • A motivation letter must be added to your application.
  • The letter should contain approximately 2000 characters. You should explain your experiences and ideas, how you met pedagogy and why you thought this profession would be suitable for you, what your aim is with the MA degree, how you would imagine your career, which area you are interested in, what further studies you are planning and which specialisation you would like to apply for.
  • The applicant will be informed by the faculty member about the date and time of the admission interview.


Application fee is 70 USD, that has to be paid to the following account:


Name of the bank:

OTP Bank Nyrt.

Address of the bank:

1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 21.

Name of the recipient:

Soproni Egyetem

Address of the recipient:

H-9400 Sopron, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 4. HUNGARY

Account number:



IBAN: HU51 1173 7083 2468 3441 0000 0000




During the transfer process in the comment section please put: Application fee for Faculty of Pedagogy and the applicant’s full name.

The USD payment will be transferred into HUF, so please consider the bank-fees and the transaction-fees and make sure that the transferred amount covers the amount of your application fee.


The applicant will be informed about the final decision by: 15th of June.

More information about the tuition fee payment will be available after the successful admission.




Head of the program:

Dr. Habil. László VARGA,

Dean, Associate Professor




Program coordinators:


Vice Dean for Science and International Affairs, Associate Professor



Mr. Tamás NÉMETH

International Coordinator