Rector’s Order on The Amendment of Provisions Related to The State of Emergency


Rector’s Order No. 13/2020 (4th June)

on the amendment of certain provisions of the Rector’s Orders No. 6/2020 and No. 8/2020 regarding university attendance and other matters related to the state of emergency

1.§ Under the 168/2020 (IV.30.) Government Decree, as of today I order that students may enter university grounds for examination purposes during the period of the state of emergency and thereafter, if the instructor chooses a form of examination requiring personal attendance at pre-arranged examination dates and students concerned must be informed of it in writing at least 3 days before the examination. The first indent of Section 4 of the Rector’s Order No. 6/2020 (24thApril) and the Section 2 of the Rector’s Order No. 8/2020 (4th May) are repealed at the same time.

2.§ Final examinations, consultations and attendance with other purposes must be held and organized without requiring personal contact while ensuring a physical distance of 1.5 meters. Wearing face mask is obligatory for all those present.

3.§ The date of the examination must be appointed for students so that the student’s travel to the location of the examination can be completed on the appointed day and at the appointed time.

4.§ If the student is late for the examination through no fault of his/her own (e.g. due to public transport problems), s/he must notify the instructor without delay. In this case, the student should be allowed to take the examination at a later time on that day.

5.§ Students wishing to visit the instructor with the purpose of personal consultation may enter the institution at a pre-arranged time in writing with the consent of the instructor.

6.§ Students who are required to visit the institution due to membership in university or faculty boards (senate, faculty council, committees, etc.) may enter the institution for the duration of the meetings.

7.§ We maintain the existing provision that students carrying out studies and/or research that require personal presence at the university (e.g. performing laboratory measurements) may submit a request to the Dean of the Faculty who can approve it. Upon receipt of the Dean’s approval, students must wear a face mask and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between all those present.


The provisions of the amended orders not affected by the change shall continue to apply, the amendments shall enter into force on 10 June 2020.

Sopron, 10 June 2020

Sgd. Prof. Dr. András Náhlik, Rector


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