Information on the prevention of infections related to Coronavirus

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End-of-term International Cultural Event

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As the international semester closing event of last December was met with great success, we organized the event this year as well. Erasmus students, Stipendium Hungaricum students, Kazakh students doing their semester abroad and self-financing international students were invited. Besides the international students, we also asked our Hungarian mentor students and the Mikulás, the Hungarian Santa Claus to visit our event.

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Harrer Chocolate tasting 2019

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In the autumn of 2019, the colleagues of the Vice-Rector’s Office for Research and International Relations organised two chocolate tasting trips for the international students and the Hungarian mentor students. The venue was the Harrer Chocolate Factory, just like in the previous years. Mr András Somos led the first group on 19 October, while Mr Tamás Németh and Ms Barbara Lakatos were the accompanying coordinators in the case of the second group on 9 November. The students gained a unique experience: the report of Seda BAŞ (Stipendium Hungaricum doctoral student) is here to prove it.

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Welcome Day 2019

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The 4th institutional-level Welcome Day was held at the University of Sopron on 2nd October 2019. All of our international students, including Erasmus+ students who had arrived for the fall semester together with the Stipendium Hungaricum students, both freshmen, and those who had already started their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year at our university were given a warm welcome.

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