Rector's-Chancellor's Order on Dormitory Rules during the Pandemic



Rector's-Chancellor's Order No. 4/2020 (20 April) on Dormitory Rules during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

On 11 March 2020, the Hungarian Government declared a state of emergency for the entire territory of Hungary in order to prevent the consequences of the human pandemic causing mass illness endangering the safety of life and property, and to protect the health and life of Hungarian citizens.

I. In order to avoid the emergence of the pandemic disease in the dormitory, in accordance with the provisions of the University of Sopron Coronavirus Coordination Committee, I order the following rules to be observed:

1.     Basic rule in case of illness

In case a dormitory student detects signs of coronavirus infection in himself/herself or in his/her fellow student, or a dormitory student has been in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus, he/she must notify the dormitory director of this so that the University can arrange isolation as necessary. If the dormitory director is not available, the dormitory building manager, at night the receptionist must be notified of the danger. 

2.     Mandatory hygiene rules

2.1. It is mandatory to wash hands with soap and water upon returning to the dormitory, before using the kitchen and after using the toilet.
2.2. Showers and toilets must be used in accordance with their intended purpose.
2.3. Each student must use the kitchen, shower and toilets on his/her own dormitory level.
Kitchen waste should be thrown in the trash. Spoiled food should be discarded. Selective kitchen waste bins must be used as intended! Dirty dishes should be washed.
2.4. The living room should be kept clean, trash should be thrown away in the trash. The in-room waste bin should not be emptied into the kitchen bin but into the yard container. The garbage bags placed in the hallway are collected daily by the cleaning staff.
2.5. Dormitory students are required to follow the hygiene instructions of dormitory staff and those of the building manager.

3.     Rules for dormitory entry and visitors

3.1. If a dormitory student goes abroad may not return to the dormitory.
3.2. If a dormitory student moves out of the dormitory may not return to the dormitory either.
3.3. Moving out must be announced to the dormitory in writing (, the declaration of moving out must be signed at the reception, the room key and the entry card must be handed over.
3.4. Dormitory students are not allowed to receive visitors neither during the day nor over night. Only dormitory students and dormitory staff may be admitted to the dormitory.
3.5. Guests, former dormitory students, family members are not allowed to enter the dormitory.
3.6. Admission is only possible with dormitory entry cards. It is forbidden to pass the dormitory entry card to another person, even to another dormitory student.
3.7. Postal items and parcels arriving at the VUK building will be delivered to the RK / ÚK reception once a week, where they can be picked up.

4.     Rules of dormitory administration

4.1.Regarding dormitory administration, the following persons should be contacted:
Ms Mónika Pappné Balaskó, dormitory director
Ms Szilvia Fekete, dormitory administrator
Ms Emese Mansa, contact person for international students

4.2.The VUK building cannot be used, therefore its dormitory office cannot be used either. Administrative matters can be handled in person only at a pre-arranged time. For this purpose, we have designated the counter at the entrance of the ÚK building.
4.3.The following administrative matters can be handled via email:

  • requesting housing certificate,
  • indicating the intention of moving out,
  • changing dormitory room (if there is a vacant place in the given room or there is a student in the given room who is willing to change the room),
4.4.The room of the person in charge during the nights is No. 312 in ÚK building. The building manager should be contacted in case of violation of dormitory rules and danger.

4.5.Technical problems perceived in dormitory rooms or public areas should be indicated in the ’ERROR’ booklet at the RK reception.

5.     Rules of collecting postal mail and accepting delivered food

5.1.Delivered food can be accepted by the student at the entrance of the dormitory.
5.2.Postal letters can be collected by the student at the reception of the RK building.
5.3.Packages will not be accepted by the dormitory staff. Packages are either accepted by the student at the dormitory entrance or sent back by the dormitory management.
5.4.The fees for the services made use of must be paid by the student in all cases.

6.     It is forbidden to gather in groups or to hold events in the premises of the dormitory.

6.1.Any kinds of gatherings, alcohol consumption in groups, musical entertainments in groups are prohibited in the premises of the dormitory.
6.2.Maximum 3 persons can stay in the kitchens on each floor at a time.
6.3.It is recommended to keep a distance of at least 1.5-2 metres during conversations. It is not recommended to touch each other.
6.4.The elevator should only be used for travelling through at least 3 levels. It is the best to use the stairs and not the elevator.



Sopron, 20 April 2020

Sgd. Prof. Dr. András NáhlikRector
Sgd. János Skala, Chancellor 


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