Harrer Chocolate Tasting 2018




On the 20th of October 2018, the faculty of International Coordinators at the University of Sopron, organized a visit to Harrer chocolate factory, which is located in Faller Jenő Street in Sopron.

The visit included about 25 international students from Erasmus+ students who had arrived for the fall semester together with the Stipendium Hungaricum students, and was coordinated by Ms Vera Tolvaj, Mr András Somos, and Mr Tamás Németh from the faculty.

The tour was held at the factory’s tasting room, and started with a short introductory film about chocolate’s producing at Harrer factory along with a sip of Champagne (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), followed by the most interesting part of the tour, which is tasting an assortment of about 30 different chocolate delights including dark, milk, and white chocolates with a variety of delicious flavours such as fruits, nuts and spices. In addition, the group was offered fruits dipped in a chocolate fountain and a glass of hot chocolate.

The tour lasted for one hour, and was an interesting experience for the group, especially the chocolate lovers, as well as an opportunity for the international students from different majors to interact and meet.

We are thankful for our university for organizing such social activities, which definitely help us enjoying our stay in Sopron and bring good memories with us back home.

Written by Doa Jarrar, Stipendium Hungaricum doctoral student