Visiting Vienna Uno City 2019


The University of Sopron always tries to provide its students with the possibility of expanding their horizons, having new and interesting experiences, and learning about how decisions are made in international organizations. Therefore, on 5th April 2019 our Stipendium Hungaricum and Erasmus students, together with the representatives of the International Relations Office, had the opportunity to visit the UNO City in Vienna where we had a guided tour.

We arrived in Vienna in the morning by bus. At the entrance sleepy students were woken up by a man playing “He’s a pirate” on the violin. The epic live music was only the beginning of a great day!
All our excited and curious students patiently waited for the UN representative to meet them and soon a guide appeared and conducted us inside the building. We were checked by the security officers and given our badges. After the registration and a brief explanation of the rules our tour started.

The first place we saw was the famous Memorial Plaza. All the students from our multinational group were able to find the flag of their homeland and take a memorable picture. Then we were given some historical information about the UNO before our tour continued inside the building. The UN representative showed us the model of the Vienna International Centre and gave us details about its buildings and the hosting of international organizations. Walking through the corridors and rooms of the UNO City we were fascinated by the beautiful pieces of art donated by different artists from all over the globe. We saw the UN’s different departments, meeting room, study room, conference room, souvenir shop and, of course, the most important place – the cafeteria!

After the guided tour we enjoyed the unique opportunity of watching a live session of the UN and seeing delegates from different countries discussing the actual issues of the worldwide community. They were creating the future right before our eyes

Later we attended an interesting and informative lecture given by the UNIS Director Martin Nesirky. He spoke about the current strategy and goals of the United Nations. Our students asked him questions concerning the future development and mission of the UNO. Some of them even shared their ideas on further improvement of the organization. We also discussed such diverse topics as globalization, peacekeeping and equality. At the end of the tour, we had some free time to take a walk around the building, take pictures and share our impressions.

The visit to the UNO City gave us an amazing opportunity to get to know the organisation and the work of the UN from the inside. We had fun, we learned many new and useful things, met interesting people and enjoyed our trip together. Maybe some day our students will contribute to the improvement of the world in association with the United Nations!

On behalf of our group of international students I would like to thank all the representatives of the International Relations Office of the University of Sopron and the United Nations Organization for this memorable and wonderful tour.

Hope to see you soon at our next international event!

Written by Xenia Martinov, Stipendium Hungaricum BA student