Trip to Lake Balaton 2019


As part of an organised international event, we decided to travel to Lake Balaton as most of our foreign students had never seen the “Hungarian Sea” before. On the morning of 27th April 2019 we gathered at the dormitory, leaving Sopron by bus around 8.30am. Our first stop was at Keszthely where we visited the Festetics Palace, Palm House and Bird Park. At the Palace the tour guides, who showed our groups around the beautiful rooms, told us the most important and interesting facts about the history of the building and its former residents. In the Palm House the students became excited when they saw numerous native plants from their home countries. All of us were really impressed by the special species of bird in the Bird Park with the most admired bird definitely being the peacock. During an hour of free time we indulged in ice-cream while chatting and enjoying the pleasant weather before moving on to Balatongyörök. The reason for our visit there was due to the annual pancake festival taking place in the town at that time. We had the opportunity to taste a variety of sweet and salty pancakes with different flavours, not only the most typical ones with marmalade but also more unusual ones such as pancakes filled with wild garlic, mascarpone and ricotta. We spent some time at the lakeshore and several good photographs were taken with the blue sparkling lake in the background. On the way back home, we stopped at Szépkilátó which offers one of the most beautiful views of the lake. After taking hundreds of group photos, we left Balaton for the time being but certainly not forever, as the lake convinced everybody that it was worth a return visit.