International Semester Ending Party 2019


The last international event of the school term was held on 3rd May 2019. Due to rainy weather, we had to change the venue; instead of Lake Salamandra, we chose to spend the afternoon in the garden of the dormitory (VUK). Luckily, the cold wind did not scare anybody away. Tibor Éliás, President of Herman Ottó College for Advanced Studies, cooked a Hungarian “pörkölt” (stew) on gas. The chef had vegetarians in mind as well as he prepared a stew with mushrooms, leaving the meat out of that version. While waiting for the meal, the international and the Hungarian students chatted and had fun together. Thanks to some students and the dances they taught, the participants did not feel cold at all. After the little workout, the stew was ready and we ate it all. A campfire was lit and everybody gathered around it. The students took many photos and had a great chance to enjoy each other’s company before the exam period started.