Spring Semester Welcome Day 2019


We organised our traditional international event on 18 February 2018. This event has two names:

SPRING SEMESTER WELCOME DAY, as we greet our CEEPUS and Erasmus students arriving for the spring semester from our European partner institutions and visiting students coming from non-European partners;

INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL EVENT, as we continue a series of presentations of different countries and cultures thanks to our Erasmus and Stipendium Hungaricum students.

The call for “INTERNATIONALIZATION AT HOME – SPEND AN AFTERNOON WITH OUR ERASMUS AND STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM STUDENTS!” was positively received by participants, as was the call to wear costumes and masks, as many dressed in national costumes.

Our event also earned the attention of the local media, as three representatives of the Hungarian Embassy of the Indonesian Republic were our special guests. The international relations representative, Márta Sándor, gave a welcome speech and introduced the Indonesian guests and the faculty international coordinators. After that, the vice-rector for research and international relations, Dr Tibor L. Alpár, made a short presentation about the university.

The programme was started by a freshman of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Réka Nagy, who gave a short review of the Hungarian traditions of “farsang”. Then, a Stipendium Hungaricum student, Edwin Monte (Kenya), studying at the Faculty of Economics, and an Erasmus student, Camille Seiller (France), pursuing her studies at the Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts presented information about their countries. For the first surprise performance the Ürmös Dance Group provided an insight into Hungarian folk dances. Their show was such a great success that some foreign students promised to visit their dance rehearsals.

Between the two sections, a group photo was also taken as a reminder of the day. While enjoying a selection of sandwiches and desserts, both the Hungarian and foreign students had time to chat and get to know each other.

In the second part of the event, our newcomers and planned programmes for the spring semester were introduced. The programmes (trips to UNO City and to Lake Balaton) aroused everybody’s curiosity. Dressed in their national costumes, Noy Senenhakone and Oly Phommavong from the Faculty of Economics were the highlights of the day with their colourful presentation about their country, Laos.

Thanks to our Indonesian Stipendium Hungaricum PhD student, Rosita Widjojo, studying at the Faculty of Economics, we were able to close our programme with a second surprise performance: a collective music-making session. Rosita and her compatriots once again taught the attendants how to play the bamboo-made instrument called “angklung”. It was a great experience playing some world-famous songs as a group such as the “Do-Re-Mi” from the musical “The sound of music”.

The photos and videos show how successful our event was. Credit goes to Dr Ferenc Facskó, Tamás Németh and András Somos for the visual and video recordings.

Big thanks to all participants, presenters and colleagues supporting the event, and to Kisalföld and Sopron TV for the reports.

Written by Barbara Lakatos & Márta Sándor