Boat Trip on Lake Fertő 2018



In one of the many student activities conducted from time to time, the University of Sopron organized for the first time, a boat trip at Lake Fertő on 22nd September 2018. The cloudy weather with morning showers did not dampen the spirits of enthusiastic students representing different nationalities from all Faculties. The student group comprised of both Stipendium Hungaricum as well as Erasmus+ along with a few other non-degree students. As the trip in-charge, Ms. Márta Sándor, Senior International Officer, executed her job to perfection by systematically organizing and taking care of the smallest of things to ensure that the students could have a hassle-free trip. Ms. Barbara, Mr. Ferenc and others, all of whom did a job worthy of appreciation, assisted her in her tasks. 

The trip commenced by the students gathering at the Sopron bus station, where Ms. Marta warmly welcomed and greeted them. On the way to the Lake by bus number 33, the excitement levels were high all along the 30-minute ride, especially considering that a lot of the students were freshmen and first-time visitors. The view of the Lake along with the picturesque and peaceful surroundings was absolutely breath-taking and spectacular. Soon after boarding the boats, everyone was invited for coffee and cakes at the basement, which were relished by all, although some of them preferred to enjoy their coffee in the open air with cool winds blowing. While most students were busy with getting to know each other and having fun, some opted to capture the natural scenic beauty into their cameras. As the final destination approached, Ms. Marta requested all to confirm on paper on the next visit to the chocolate factory, where there would be a chance to not only see how the chocolates were made, but also taste a variety of them. The 70-minute ride on the boat turned out to be a memorable one for all the students and the staff who made the most of it. The bus ride back to the bus station marked the end of the trip, with the students thanking the organizing staff and waving each other good bye.

Written by Charu Agarwal, Stipendium Hungaricum doctoral student