End-of-term International Cultural Event

Santa Claus

As the international semester closing event of last December was met with great success, we organized the event this year as well. Erasmus students, Stipendium Hungaricum students, Kazakh students doing their semester abroad and self-financing international students were invited. Besides the international students, we also asked our Hungarian mentor students and the Mikulás, the Hungarian Santa Claus to visit our event.

The event was started by Márta Sándor, Senior International Officer at LIGNEUM Visitors’ Centre on 4th December. Following her welcome address, Regina Ádám (Simonyi Károly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts) and Klaudia Gortva (Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics) gave a presentation about Mikulás. After listening to some interesting facts about Bishop St. Nicholas, his companion called “Krampus” in Central Europe and Télapó (Grandfather Frost), we could also learn about the American Santa Claus from R. Allan Allday (Fulbright Professor at Faculty of Pedagogy) and his Family. Afterwards, kindergarten teacher Brigitta Balla taught us the Hungarian children's song beginning with “Mikulás, Mikulás, kedves Mikulás”. It was a worthy way of welcoming the Mikulás who was so pleased to hear his favourite song that he rewarded his audience with Christmas candy called “szaloncukor” in Hungarian. A group photo was also taken before he left. We were all pleased that Noy and her Friends, Stipendium Hungaricum students from Laos were ready to deliver a surprise performance this time; their traditional dance in beautiful costumes received great applause from the impressed audience.

We had snacks and chats in the break followed by country presentations in the next session of the programme. Faridul and Xiaoling (Stipendium Hungaricum students), Dinara and Viktoriya (non-degree students) and Emel (Erasmus student) presented their home countries. We could see some beautiful pictures and learn many interesting facts about Bangladesh, China, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Thanks to Emel, we could also taste traditional Turkish food. Thanks a lot to all for the great experience!

Written by Barbara Lakatos & Márta Sándor