Rector’s Order No. 21/2021. (XI.02.)


Reference number: RH-26-21/2021.

Rector’s Order No. 21/2021. (XI.02.)
on the amendment of Rector’s Order No. 19/2021. (XI. 01.)
on the mandatory use of masks at the University of Sopron and on the epidemiological preventive measures applied during the state of emergency
(the modified parts are marked initalics in a unified structure)

This Rector’s Order on the mandatory use of masks and on the epidemiological preventive measures applied during the state of emergency has been prepared taking into account the Sectoral Recommendation of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM). 

Article 1

The personal scope of this Order applies to all citizens, contractors, and visitors of the University of Sopron.

Article 2

The territorial scope of this Order applies to all dormitories, buildings and parts of buildings used by the University of Sopron, regardless of the city in which they are located.

Article 3

The purpose of this Order is to create a safe and healthy teaching and working environment for the University of Sopron, to protect the health and lives of the University's citizens, to support the continuity of education at the university, and to ensure the stability of the institution's operations during the coronavirus epidemic.

Article 4

(1) A person to whom this Order pertains must wear a surgical mask, a safety mask or a mask made of textile or other material (hereinafter together referred to as "mask") that fully covers the nose and mouth from the time of entry into a building or part of a building stipulated by the Order. The protective mask does not need to be worn during meals or while the person is alone in his/her office.
(2) The only exceptions to the mask mandate in a university building or part of a building pursuant to paragraph (1) are persons holding immunity certificates without expiry dates or equivalent documents or applications as listed in paragraph (6) of Article 2 of the 598/2021 (X. 28.) Government Decree:

a) an instructor during lectures or seminars, provided that a safe distance can be maintained during teaching and work,
b) and an employee in his/her office, if used alone.

Article 5

A person subject to this Order must endeavour to maintain a protective distance of 1.5 metres and avoid personal contact in all situations.

Article 6

Only a healthy person without symptoms of coronavirus may enter a building or part of a building covered by this Order. The use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser is mandatory when entering buildings or parts of buildings and hand sanitising several times a day is recommended. Personal hygiene – including frequent hand washing with soap, and following respiratory etiquette – is expected of everyone.

Article 7

In enclosed spaces, special attention should be paid to continuous, regular, and increased natural ventilation to reduce possible virus concentration.

Article 8

Anyone who violates the obligation set forth in Article 4 of this Order (mandatory use of masks) shall be asked to leave the University of Sopron premises immediately until the obligation to wear the mask has been fulfilled.

Article 9

With this Rector's Order I authorize the Deans of the Faculties, the Director-General of the Forest Research Institute (ERTI), and the Director-General of Economic Affairs to issue instructions to the students/employees of the departments under their leadership, instructions which contain a more severe penalty than the one provided in Article 8 in case of violating the obligation stated in Article 4, and to publish these instructions after prior consultation with the Rector, and subject to the regulations of the University of Sopron.

Article 10

Upon the entry into force of this Rector's Order, all provisions of Rector's Order No. 13/2020 (04.04.VI) and No. 9/2021 (04.04.V) shall be repealed.

Article 11

This amended Rector's Order shall enter into force on 2 November 2021.
Sopron, 2 November 2021

Prof. Dr. Fábián Attila