Stipendium Hungaricum at University of Sopron Alexandre Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics



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Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program proves to be a success at University of Sopron Alexandre Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics

Alexandre Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics was able to start a full-time ‘International Economy and Business’ program in English language in the 2019/2020 academic year in a truly multicultural environment thanks to the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. The training has been arousing significant public interest in the target countries of the scholarship program and created opportunity for self-financing students as well. The new graduates came from Azerbaijan, Cambodia, China, Moldova, and Turkmenistan. Not only could we teach them, but we could also learn a lot about their countries and cultures. Thanks to the modular system, the training continuously welcomes students both in fall and in spring semesters. We are confident that our students will be similarly successful in the next semester.

It was also a great pleasure for the Alexandre Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics that the first PhD students who gain entrance via Stipendium Hungaricul scholarship obtained PhD degree in this semester too. Four years ago, citizens of the countries participating in this scholarship program got an opportunity to start their doctoral studies in one of the English-language programs at our doctoral school.

Congratulation to Fahmi Jarrar Doa’a Mazen and Rosita Widjojo on obtaining PhD degree and to Guvanch Allakuliyev, Husniyya Idrisova, Alexandra Popovici, Sovannkannika Prum and Xiaoling Zhang on their master’s degree.


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