The Ambassador of Mongolia visiting the University of Sopron

On the 15th of June, 2022 Sainnyambuu BAATARJAV, Ambassador of Mongolia to Budapest had paid a visit to the University of Sopron.

His Excellency and his accompaniment were greeted by Prof. Dr. Ferenc Lakatos PhD, Vice-Rector in charge of Foreign Affairs and Research. At the meeting, the University was also represented by Dr. Kornél Czimber PhD, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, György Szili-Török, Head of the Centre for Corporate and Innovation Relations and Dr. Péter Köles PhD Deputy Consultant.

Prof. Dr. Ferenc Lakatos PhD introduced the organizational units of our university and gave more detailed information about the structure of the foundation to the ambassador's interest.

During a previous visit to the Ministry of Agriculture, His Excellency received a proposal to contact the University of Sopron an implementing partner for the "Billion Tree Planting Program" initiated by the Mongolian government.

At the meeting, we were pleased to inform the Ambassador that the University of Sopron has already held several discussions on the matter with our Ambassador to Mongolia and the authorities in charge.

Afterwards, our representatives proposed the planned schedule of the English-language webinar held on the 21st of June. The topics of this webinar, to which a representative of the embassy was invited, would form the basis of participation in the project.

During the meeting, the Vice-Rector and Vice-Deans had also touched on the details of further university research opportunities.

Another focal point of the discussion was the topic of educational opportunities related to and supporting the program on the long term, which also proved to be truly important for the Ambassador among the range of services offered by the University of Sopron.