Online Education Fair in Central Asia

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On the 27th of April the Centre of International Affairs represented the University of Sopron on an online fair, which was held in the Central Asia region.

There were plenty of presenters in the online space, so 5 live presentation rooms were streaming during the 4-hour long fair. 3 other Hungarian Universities presented their study programs, and many other countries like France, USA, Lithuania, Italy and Cyprus also appeared.

Even before the presentation of Boróka Buzsáki, the Coordinator of International Affairs, there were questions asked in the chat room.

These online fairs helps to gain more contacts and of course strengthen the visibility of the University of Sopron on the market. Since we have the application period right now, it was more than useful to give information for the countries located in Central Asia about our study programs in English, about Sopron and the possibilities here. Around 200 prospective students were online listening to the presentation, and some of them asked questions afterwards as well.

All in all we can say, that these kind of fairs deeply supporting us on an international scale.

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International Pálinka Tasting at the Economic Faculty

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On the 25th of April, students of the Lámfalussy Economic Faculty took part in a pálinka tasting in the frame of a wine marketing seminar taught by Dr. habil. Zoltán Szabó PhD MBA.


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30 years diplomatic relationship celebrated at the University of Sopron, Hungary-Azerbaijan

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Due to the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Hungary, Tahir Taghizadeh, his wife and Consul Samir Musayev paid the University of Sopron a two-day visit.

On the opening day of the visit, the Alexandre Lámfalussy Faculty of Economics, Prof. dr. Zsuzsanna Széles PhD dean and Dr. habil Zoltán Szabó PhD MBA, Director of International Affairs greeted the guests. During the afternoon – in the frame of an interactive English-language Wine Marketing class – His Excellency kept a lecture to the students of the faculty on the traditional grape and wine types of Azerbaijan, including remarks about the wine marketing and wine culture of the country and provided the opportunity to taste some of the most famous wines.

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A University of Sopron architecture student has won an award at the Terrán competition.


Terrán Roof Tile Manufacturing Ltd. announced the Home of the Future student competition in 2021, and the thesis Dorina Szendi (SOE-FMK-AMI) – a student of our Master of Architecture program – entered into the competition met with great success.

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