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About the program

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The program reflects the increasing globalization and continuous evolution of international economics and business management. Besides giving a sound methodological foundation in statistics and micro- and macroeconomic theory, the program addresses the main aspects of the global economy: among others, trade, finance, factoring and information flows, multinational corporations, corporate strategies, international organizations, development, regionalism and integration or intellectual property.

Our undergraduate program aims to train economists to acquire high-level foreign language communication skills as well as the capability to manage international entrepreneurial activities based on the obtained economic knowledge and applied economic and methodological knowledge of their specialization.
Completion of this program allows students to continue studies in PhD’s program.

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About the Faculty

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The Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics has recently been named after the world-renowned economist. It means obligation, possibilities and high expectations now and in the future for students as well as for teachers. The Faculty puts emphasis on the personal contacts between students and professors. They offer training in small student-groups and the opportunity to establish personal contact to teachers and staff.

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Career opportunities

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  • Middle/higher division leader,
  • prospect company leader,
  • diplomacy,
  • researcher,
  • analist,
  • academic carrier,
  • multinational companies,
  • financial and service institutions,
  • consultancy,
  • media expert,
  • political fields,
  • etc
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Application procedure

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Process of the application:

  • Application period for winter semester: mid April – beginning of June 
  • Application period for summer semester: end of August – mid October
  • Online application form can be filled up at application period here:
  • Required documents for application:
    • copy of secondary school certificate in case of applicant for BA/BSc course,
    • copy of BA/BSc certificate in case of applicant for MA/MSc course,
    • copy of BA/BSc Trancript of Records only for MA/MSc course,
    • copy of APOSTIL in case of applicant for MA/MSc courses
      (A certification under the terms of the convention is called an apostille or Hague Apostille. It is an international certification comparable to a notarisation in domestic law, and normally supplements a local notarisation of the document. More information can be found under the official website:
    • copy of passport/personal ID,
    • copy of language certificates (TOEFL or IELTS (Academic) CEFR level B2),
    • copy of the bank transfer for the application fee,
    • any other documents (recommendation letters, motivation letters, CV).
  • In case that the required documents are not in English/German language they have to be attached in authorized translation.  
    To participate in the application process requires the following:
    • Conditions for BA applications: valid high-school diploma and successful entrance examination.
    • Conditions for MA applications: BA diploma from economics or economy related field or at least 15 ECTS from the field of economic and methodology, basic business knowledge.
    • Conditions for PhD applications: MA degree
  • Application fee is 70 $, that has to be paid to the following account:
Name of the bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Address of the bank: 1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 21.
Name of the recipient: Soproni Egyetem
Address of the recipient: H-9400 Sopron, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 4. HUNGARY
Account number: 11737083-24683441
  IBAN: HU51 1173 7083 2468 3441 0000 0000

Written online test must be taken at the beginning of June at the date specified on the faculty website or in e-mail (more information during application period). The USD payment will be transferred into HUF so please consider the bank-fees and the transaction-fees and make sure that the transferred amount covers the amount of your application fee.

  • About the date and time of the entrance examination the applicant will be informed by the faculty.
  • Deadline for the decision about the application at the faculty: 15th July
  • Regulation of the application process can be downloaded here.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older to enrol.
  • Lectures start in the first week of September.



Contact person:

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