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About the program

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The aim of the programme is to provide the students up-to-date knowledge in the field of foreign economics, international relations, business negotiation techniques, etc. In possession of these the students become able to work as middle level managers at companies dealing with foreign trade, logistics and international business or be active in bigger international organisations, multinational companies.

Next to basic subjects (Mathematics, Microeconomics, Law, Corporate management, Informatics, Invoramental economics) the students learn also the following: EU studies, Intercultural management, Foreign trade techniques and transactions, Logistics, Business planing, Human ressource management, International finances, World economics, Intrnational negotiation techniques, International institutions, Political geography, Projectmanagement, Diplomacy and communication, Business management, International protocol and etiquette, Controlling.
Career opportunities: trading and logistic companies, multinational corporations, consulting firms, diplomacy, international services

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About the Faculty

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The Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics has recently been named after the world-renowned economist. It means obligation, possibilities and high expectations now and in the future for students as well as for teachers. The Faculty puts emphasis on the personal contacts between students and professors. They offer training in small student-groups and the opportunity to establish personal contact to teachers and staff.

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