CEEPUS is a mobility scholarship programme in the field of higher education, designed to support student and teacher exchanges, the organisation of summer schools, special courses and student excursions by developing long-term academic co-operation between partner institutions within the participating countries. The programme strengthens the strategic role of the CEE region.


The current participating countries are Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia.

For more information check www.ceepus.info

Contact details:
Tempus Public Foundation / National CEEPUS Office Hungary (NCO-HU)
Phone: +36 1 237-1300 
E-mail: ceepus@tpf.hu
Postal address: 1438 Budapest 70, PO Box 508.

Institutional coordinator:
Ms Márta SÁNDOR, MA, MSc Ed 
Phone: +36 99 518-210
E-mail: sandor.marta@uni-sopron.hu
Postal address: 9401 Sopron, PO Box 132.

Faculties coordinators:
Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy
: Ms Réka KISSNÉ ZSÁMBOKIkissne.zsamboki.reka@uni-sopron.hu
Faculty of Forestry: Dr. Ferenc FACSKÓfacsko.ferenc@uni-sopron.hu
Simonyi Karoly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences And Applied ArtsDr. Miklós BAK – bak.miklos@uni-sopron.hu
Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics: Dr. Erzsébet NEDELKA – nedelka.erzsebet@uni-sopron.hu


Information for students intending to submit CEEPUS application to Hungary: http://tka.hu/international-programmes/6154/ceepus-student-mobility-to-hungary

Information for teachers intending to submit CEEPUS application to Hungary: http://tka.hu/international-programmes/6155/ceepus-teacher-mobility-to-hungary