A University of Sopron architecture student has won an award at the Terrán competition.


Terrán Roof Tile Manufacturing Ltd. announced the Home of the Future student competition in 2021, and the thesis Dorina Szendi (SOE-FMK-AMI) – a student of our Master of Architecture program – entered into the competition met with great success.

Dorina Szendi's project, Family House and Apartment in Pannonhalma, explores issues such as the sense of place and the power of identity. The jury – comprised of renowned architects and professionals – awarded her sophisticated approach a category prize. Her thesis supervisors were Bálint Botzheim and Róbert Jahoda.


Dorina Szendi gave the following account of the Terran architecture student competition:

"I am a Master of Architecture student at the Institute of Applied Arts within the Simonyi Károly Faculty of Wood Engineering and Creative Industries at the University of Sopron. I decided to enter the Terrán competition because my previous projects had already emphasised roof system design.

My plan provides a complex solution for the accommodation of Pannonhalma residents and visitors. My design involves a family model that operates two separate living spaces on one building lot, allowing a family and guests to live together in undisturbed symbiosis. Energy efficiency for the long-term maintenance of this multi-functional complex was an important factor during the design process. Fortunately, the TERRÁN GENERON solar roof tile offers the perfect solution for this design. Since the site is under heritage protection, the appearance and design of the roof are key considerations.

The competition winners were announced in Siófok on 3 March during an event that included a series of high-quality professional programmes. The judging panel awarded my project a category prize. Preparing for the competition and getting to know the products of the Terrán group has given me real and valuable professional knowledge, so I definitely encourage fellow students to participate in this competition.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Terrán Ltd. and architect András Ferenczy for their professional support, and my teachers Róbert Jahoda and Bálint Botzheim for preparing me for the competition."


Dorina Szendi

First-year Master of Architecture student