ERASMUS Without Paper


After joining EWP Dashboard in 2020, University of Sopron Erasmus+ management is getting ready to work online having the same responsibilities we have had for years as regards work sharing between university and faculty level which is rather decentralized. We are set to use the EWP Dashboard for both renewing IIAs and signing OLAs and the Faculty IROs will be responsible of both the digital finalizing/signing of IIAs related to the fields of study of their Faculty and OLAs under the supervision of Deans and Vice-Deans. The Vice-Rector in charge will confirm the partnerships initiated by the Deans and the Vice-Rector's Office for Research and International Relations will be monitoring the process of renewals and new contracts.

In the EWP Dashboard Default IIA Data, we specify our new functional e-mail address used at university level for Erasmus+ issues: For reasons explained above, we advise our partners to use faculty contacts for negotiating Cooperation Conditions, Nominations/Applications and Learning Agreements. Besides personal e-mails, we have introduced functional mailboxes, e.g. for IRO-Faculty of Pedagogy:, that are available at our central Erasmus+ webpage

As soon as the EWP platform is ready to use without any difficulties, we will be ready to renew our Agreements confirmed by the Deans and the Vice-Rector in charge through the EWP system. For now we either consider our Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreements valid also for 2022/2023 without further formalities, or use the traditional paper route until we can renew them digitally.

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