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The archives are guardians of history. In general, they collect and preserve documents, records which have historical importance in order to save them for the future and make the historical sources avaliable for the public, especially for the researchers. Besides that, the archives have an official role, too.

The Central Archives of the University of Sopron was established in 1984, within the Central Library of the University. We collect, organize, preserve and provide access to a comprehensive records of the life of the university and its predecessors. From 19th century documents and registers to nowadays, Our collections comprise cca. 600 linear meter of University records and related historical materials, and they are growing continuously.

This activity is tied to the record management services for University of Sopron staff, administrators and faculties. We preserve the archive documents and records of the Rektorate; the Faculties and their departments; other university organs and bureaus.

Our oldest document dates back to 1848. The earliest matricula in our archives is attached to the foresty class in 1861/1862. The archive groups (fonds) of registrated records of the Rektorate begins from 1896: The records of the Schemnitz-period are incomplete because of the flight in 1919. In 1949 the Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy was separated from Sopron Faculties, and a new university was established in Miskolc from that. The Faculty of Forestry stayed in Sopron and it was attached to the University of Agronomy, and from 1952 this faculty operated as an independent Forestry College with an university rank. At the 1960’s the records and documents of the predecessor of the university were shared between the University of Miskolc and the Forestry College (the later University of Forestry and Wood Sciences). Nowadays there is a good relationship between the archives of the successors: we exchange the copies of the most significant documents of each others collection. We are cooperating with other university archives and the Archives of Sopron too.

Cca. 20-30 researchers visit us annually to find some information about science, education, university and personal history and we answer a plenty of official questions.

At the Archives, the documents and records are organized in 73 fonds. In this fonds can be found:

  • Registrated records and documents of the Rektorate, the Financial Bureau, the Faculty of Forestry, the Faculty of Wood Sciences, some departments and other university organs.
  • Student matriculas and other educational documents.
  • Minutes of meetings of the University and its Faculties.
  • Other documents related to the university life.
  • Legacy of some former professors.


  • Non-official papers and documents
  • Photos about the university life



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