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International Picnic in the Pan-European Picnic Park for Students of the University of Sopron

On the 20th of May, the students of the University of Sopron had a chance to explore and learn about a very important historical event, the Pan-European picnic.


The event was organized drawing inspiration from the historical event itself, and included a symbolic picnic, as well as an escape room.

Moreover, interactive team building, and games were organized by Crazy Garage Sopron, encouraging students to actively engage and learn from one another. Apart from this, the students were also given the chance to explore the area with two student tour guides Dóra Kulcsár and Hana Sosic where they were able to hear the history behind the monuments, as well as some interesting facts about European history. Following the tour, students participated in a quiz about the Pan-European picnic, and the best three players were awarded a prize.

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Apart from the organizers, coordinators and mentors, the number of attendees reached forty. The chosen venue perfectly catered to the needs and desires of both the organizers and the participants, creating an ideal setting for an enriching experience. Throughout the day, laughter, joy, and a sense of belonging filled the air, as new friendships were made, and memories were created. The student picnic trip to the Pan-European picnic place became a remarkable event that not only allowed the participants to explore Hungarian culture but also brought them closer to the diversity of European heritage.


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