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2024 Spring Semester Ending Party

Dear All!

We are happy to invite our international students, their mentors and other Hungarian students to our traditional semester-ending outdoor party for the fifth time.


We plan to cook a special Hungarian „pörkölt/gulyás” (stew/goulash) on campfire using venison offered by TAEG Zrt., the university forest company. It will be served with white bread. Of course, there will be a vegetarian version without meat, with mushrooms too.

Location: Lake Salamandra, near Sopronbánfalva

Date: 10 of May 2024 from 3.00 p.m.

Chefs: Szabolcs Sziklai and Szabolcs Salamon (Faculty of Forestry)

Kitchen boys/girls: volunteers

Dinner should be ready at around 6.30 p.m.

There is a well near there, so we suggest you to bring a flask or water bottle with you to help yourself when thirsty.

We will have a bus to ride us there and back. Other options are to take the bus N3 or No10 getting off at Kertváros-felső, or ride a bike or walk there.

For the bus timetables check:

Bus N3 from and to Lidl (stop „Bánfalvi út, Falco Kft.”)





Bus N10 from and to stop „Ady Endre út, Erzsébet-kert”





Be prepared and open for some surprise team building activities! J You might need some warmer clothing and shoes when it is cloudy or the sun sets.


Let's have a great afternoon and evening together and contribute to „internationalization at home”!


Márta Sándor

senior international officer


FYI: It will be an event where photography, audio and video recording may occur which might be used for marketing purposes by the university.

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