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Africa concert at the University of Sopron

One of the best choirs in Sopron, the Fidelissima Mixed Choir, gave a so-called Africa Concert with pieces of music from and about Africa, the second-largest continent of the world at the Aula of the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics.

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As many of our international students were still in Sopron in mid-July and quite a few of them come from Africa, we thought they might be interested in attending this concert. So, we decided to invite them and were happy to accompany them. The management of the choir was also informed about our coming to the concert well before and they were excited about having special guests who might know the songs they would perform. They have even taken care of the English translation of the words of the director of the choir and provided a QR code so that the English-speaking audience had access to the information about the songs.

The concert was a great success. We stayed there after the concert to take a group photo and to chat with the choir members. They were pleased with our students' participation, wearing traditional African shirts and showing appreciation for their performance. They have also expressed gratitude for our students' help with rearranging the aula and for singing with them some of the songs they liked and knew the best. It felt really good to learn how some of the students were impressed and touched to listen to songs in languages they know!

Here we share the words of appreciation written after the concert by one of our Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders from Nigeria, Omabuwa Sholayemi Caleb who has had musical education and plays more than one instrument:

"On behalf of Myself and the African student who were present at the Afrika concert, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to witness such a heavenly event with angelic voices. Despite being in Sopron we were allowed to travel thousands of miles back to our motherland. The songs and voices of the choir were beyond our imagination, especially because not one of them is from Africa regardless everything was pitch-perfect and amazing, what I listened to that day is something I’m willing to pay a million amount just to witness again so I hope we have the opportunity to experience it a second time. To summarize the event in a single word I’ll say it was UNBELIEVABLE."

Let's hope there will be more concerts like this we can attend with our students in the future!

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