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International Food Tasting at the University of Sopron

Local representatives of the HÖOK Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor network James Govina, Deborah Kangai and Norbert Niyigena organised an International Food Tasting recently, giving a lovely opportunity of sharing cultures, working together and trying new things to everyone involved.

uni-sopron-internat-food.tasting 1.jpg

uni-sopron-internat-food.tasting 3.jpgYou can read the remarks of Stephanie, one of the participants below:

„The experience of cultural differences was amazing. It included shopping with fellow students, cooking with them and learning different skills and methods of cooking.

Similarities during cooking and in the food tastes were surprising. Same ingredients were used to prepare similar meals which was mind blowing.

International students reconnected in a warm and beautiful atmosphere with continental music and dance, games and food.

Thanks to whole Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network for the sponsorship and the International Office of Uni Sopron for the support.

Hoping to participate in more exciting activities the coming days”

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