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The 24th European Accountancy Week (EAW) took place between March 11 and 16 in Lodz, Poland. The Faculty of Economics of the University of Sopron was represented by Gréta Baán International Management student and Márk Trinkl in tourism and catering, as well as lecturer Prof. Dr. Zsuzsanna Széles.


Back in 2012, the Faculty of Ec joined the European Taxation and Accounting in Practice (ETAP), which includes practice-oriented accounting education and the exchange of experience and knowledge between teachers and students of the participating institutions, in addition to familiarization with international financial reporting standards. The working language of the organization is English, so the participating students also have the opportunity to develop their professional language.

Currently, the ETAP network has a total of 17 higher education institutions from 15 European countries as members. 89 students and 25 teachers took part in the event in Lodz. The online education of the students started already at the beginning of the year and the result of the joint work was a financial analysis, which was presented to the "investors". During the week, the participating lecturers gave lectures on the main areas of accounting based on international accounting standards, after which the students had to solve practical examples and case studies. The teams of four, which consisted of students from different countries, worked together throughout the week on tasks related to individual topics, but the presentation of the financial analysis was the real challenge, as they had to give an account of what they had learned so far.

In addition to the participation, our faculty's reputation was also enhanced: Márk Trinkl's tourism and catering student team won first place in the "Best Presentation" category, while Gréta Baán's international management student team won the "Best Financial He won third place in the Analysis" category.

The participants of the EAW were able to enrich their previous knowledge with useful information, both from a professional (accounting, financial) and linguistic point of view. For students, this is a great opportunity to compete at the international level and gain experience. There will be European Accounting Week again next year, and we hope to return home with similar successes.

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