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The first program of the Casual Connecting events of the University of Sopron was held on 18th March. The purpose of these events is to bring international and local students closer to each other, which this occassion pretty much fulfilled – the name is not for naught.


uni-sopron-casual-connecting-5.jpgThe get-together took place in the dormitory, where those interested could take part in a good atmosphere fueled by board games and pizza. Participants could try out and play many different types of board games, including classics known and loved by many, such as UNO, Monopoly or Scrabble and least known ones, like Brainbox Hungary, Dixit and Swish. In addition, to set the mood, the event included a pizza party and music. To the great joy of the organizers, the event attracted great interest, which exceeded their expectations.


The next program of Casual Connecting is planned to be egg-themed, dedicated to the imagery of Easter; hopefully it is going to be just as interesting and enjoyable for the participants as this one.



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