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University of Sopron held empathy event for Sudanese students

The colleagues of the Student Support Center of the University of Sopron organized an empathy event for the Sudanese students whose families are deeply affected by civil war. This event was led by Dr. Didem Kepir Savoly and she provided safe and understanding environment for the students to share their concerns as well as to brainstorm possible solutions. The finance and safety were the two pressing concerns that the students had.  


Offering part-time summer jobs and legal help, organizing fundraising/charity events and follow-up meetings were discussed. The students reported that they felt heard, understood, and supported by this event. Some of their feedbacks are the followings:

“It was a pleasure meeting you. We are grateful for your concern on the situation in Sudan. We appreciate you listening to our accounts of the Sudanese civil war. Although my family is safe, food and water are still in short supply. I wish security for Sudan.”


“First of all, I want to express my gratitude and thanks to the student support center and the international students for this good initiative and for such warm feeling and understanding in a time in which ourselves and families are experiencing challenges and difficulties due to the ongoing war in our country. Personally, the meeting was a relief for me as I felt I have those who listen and care and support, which is a tremendous psychological and emotional push for me. It was also a nice opportunity to brainstorm solutions and discuss possible actions to take in order to help alleviate the occurred damages and harms. Especially, there are friends who have been affected the most and the worst as they have their families where severe and devastating battles are going on, thus they need to be evacuated to safe place. It is also worth to mention the married friends who are supporting dependent families have lost their livelihood meaning as the institutions had failed to pay wages and allowances. The effects are enormous but here is not the place to list them all. but I am fully confident that further discussion would end up with worthwhile actions to aid those had been adversely affected.”


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