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Bus Trip to Bakony-Balaton Geopark

The Center for International Affairs organised an educational bus trip on April 13, 2024 for international students from the University of Sopron to Bakonybél and Veszprém. 


Below, you can find the report of one of our students, Oleksandra Khvorostianova from the Faculty of Economics:

"Our journey commences at the morning as we gather all the participants by the dormitory, and once everyone is on the bus, our travel can begin. 
Students had already arrived as guests at Pannon Observatory in Bakonybél by early afternoon. Once the students were split into two groups, the exhibition began. The observatory was extremely engaging with maps, interactive screens, a cinema room, and a large telescope that amazed all the students by allowing them to observe the sun. Astronomers also delivered a captivating presentation and responded to all the students' inquiries.


The lunch happened at the Vadszőlő Restaurant, which is a gorgeous and traditional location. Every participant had the chance to select a menu for themselves beforehand. For the appetizer, all guests enjoyed a wild garlic cream soup, followed by a choice of grilled vegetables, chicken breast, or pork for the main course.

Students were given the option to participate in Wild Garlic Day, organized by the citizens of Bakonybél, after lunch. 

At the evening, the bus was en route to Veszprém for a leisurely program in the city. 
Students went to the Lászlo Vass Collection at a Modern Art Gallery, where they also took a photo by the Fire Tower of Vészprem and strolled across Heroes' Gate to admire the scenic view of the lovely city.


Following the students' visit to the city center, a bus was awaiting them to transport them back to Sopron. By the late evening, all the students had been safely and securely brought to the student hostel. 
The positive atmosphere and enjoyable day put together by the Centre of International Affairs will always hold a special place in the students' hearts."


Thank you for this great description!

We are looking forward to see you all on future trips like this one!

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