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2024 Spring Semester Ending Party

Dear All!

We are happy to invite our international students, their mentors and other Hungarian students to our traditional semester-ending outdoor party for the fifth time.


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Pictureshow at the University of Sopron

During this event our students had the opportunity to watch Blade Runner 2049, a philosophical cyberpunk piece of cinematic art.


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Student Experiences: A trip to the University of British Columbia, Canada

One of our PhD students, James Kudjo Govina has recently visited the University of British Columbia, gathering useful knowledge and new contacts. Below, you can find his report about his experiences:


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Bus Trip to Bakony-Balaton Geopark

The Center for International Affairs organised an educational bus trip on April 13, 2024 for international students from the University of Sopron to Bakonybél and Veszprém. 


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