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Pictureshow at the University of Sopron

During this event our students had the opportunity to watch Blade Runner 2049, a philosophical cyberpunk piece of cinematic art.


The movie is centred around “K” a blade runner, who decommissions replicants (androids) that went rogue. It delved into the questions of personhood, what it means to be a human, and posed the question of what makes us human?

Since the audience was rather diverse, and the movie is set in a western setting, some participants might not be familiar with, the moderator of the event, Csilla Csipkó international coordinator, held a short recap of the history of science-fiction, cyberpunk and the Blade Runner franchise.


The film was rather long, spanning a hefty two hours and forty-three minutes, which our students sat through engaged in the happenings. After the screening, we held a short discussion about the impressions the movie left with the participants. Students had the opportunity to voice their questions, comments, and opinions about the movie. According to their feedback they enjoyed the event, and the Centre for International Affairs is looking forward to organising future events like this one. If you have suggestions on movies to watch message us on Instagram @unisopron.


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