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Representatives of the Centre for International Affairs of the University of Sopron Katalin Krajczár-Sári and Klaudia Gortva International Coordinators and Dóra Kulcsár Student Ambassador have attended three major student fairs at the end of February – beginning of March.


On 28th Feburary there was a fair for ‘the Americas’, so the regions targeted were Northern, Central and South America; on 3rd March, the next one’s target regions were Asia and Oceania and lastly, on 7th March there was the final fair for Europe, Middle-East and Africa. 

All three of the fairs were held from 4 PM to 8 PM local time, which seemed to be ideal timing for the students interested. Our well-designed virtual booth involved all the important promotion materials from the University’s introduction and detailed information on the English-language study programmes to photos, videos, downloadable brochures and more. 

There was a separate platform to broadcast pre-recorded webinars in order to share more information about the University, its programmes and to highlight some important points regarding the application process and requirements. The fair came with a live chat opportunity and representatives had the option to audio and video call the attendees as well.  


The University of Sopron was the only institution representing Hungary on each and every one of the fairs, and not many other universities made it from the Central/Eastern European region altogether, which was quite advantageous from our side. 


On the busiest day our booth had more than 400 visitors, our pre-recorded webinar was watched more than 250 times altogether and we gained a great list of programme and scholarship leads. This is going to lead to more successful and targeted marketing campaigns and many potential students interested in the upcoming student webinars of the University of Sopron. 

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