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University of Sopron - International Corner at SEN

Organised for the 2nd time, SEN, the very own Festival of the University of Sopron is becoming an annual tradition.

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On 14-15th September 2023, besides quality music and tasty food, several thematic booths were available for the participants to visit. One of these booths was built by the International Office and international student representatives. This “International Corner” was organised around the topic of internationalisation at the University of Sopron.

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There were two different games available at the booth. One of them was a questionnaire which, after filled in, could tell the participants which country they should travel to next time based on their priorities. This was also available by scanning the QR codes placed all around the festival.

The other game was a complex quiz of regions of the world. After throwing an oversized dice, participants got a region with 3 different countries. They had to connect flags, greetings, and snacks to these countries, then they got a quiz question about the region. university-of-sopron-sen 1.jpg

All the countries involved in these games were ones with international students coming from or connected by partnerships to the university. Beforehand, students were asked to give information about their cultures, so that the information used could be more factual and relevant. They provided possible quiz questions and snack options.

Students also had the opportunity to give song requests which then the DJ at the Red Bull booth played. This way, international students could choose to enjoy familiar music besides the Hungarian concerts. university-of-sopron-sen 9.jpg

This programme provided a great opportunity for Hungarian visitors to get to know of the international relations of the university and for international students to meet new friends and feel more involved by participating in a programme in English language.

Thank you for all of those helping and participating in this fun programme! 

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