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University of Sopron’s wood industry researchers marking presence in ICWSE 2023, Brasov

Researchers from University of Sopron actively participated in the international conference "WOOD INDUSTRY AND WOOD ENGINEERING SCIENCE IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM" (ICWSE 2023) in Brașov, Romania.


A scientific event dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Transylvanian University of Brașov. The ICWSE 2023 featured speakers from 30 countries, with the University of Sopron team presenting research their Faculty’s projects.
Dr. Csilla Csiha and Professor Dr. Róbert Németh strengthened our institute’s presence as session chairs. https://www.proligno.ro/en/icwse_home_2023.htm.

Among the highlights 7 scientific presentations were from the Uni-Sopron team, with 6 related to the FORESTLAB project. Dr. Csilla Csiha’s study explored the strength of T and L-type corner joints using innovative metal connectors. Professor Dr. Róbert Németh discussed Hungary's poplar species, emphasizing their potential as a significant raw material source. Doctoral students of the University of Sopron also confirmed the importance of our institution in related research topics, as they presented diverse studies, including James Govina’s talk on oak wood properties, Fath Alrhman Younis’s study on two Sudanese species, Haruna Seidu’s work on juvenile eucalyptus wood in plywood production, Tamás Sajdik on wood compression and flexibility, and Maximilián Cziczer on wood from cylindrical and flutted stems of Hornbeam.

“We had the opportunity to engage with numerous fascinating and highly knowledgeable researchers and professors. Our interactions extended to doctoral students, particularly those involved in deciduous tree research. Meaningful discussions about potential collaborations took place with researchers from Korea, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, and the Scandinavian region. The hospitality was outstanding, and the conference concluded with an electrifying party. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, found it beneficial, and highly recommend the conferences facilitated by the professors from Sopron to all our colleagues.”

The students express gratitude for the University of Sopron's support.

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