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Valete - Farewell Ceremony at the University of Sopron, 2024


The 2024 graduates of the University of Sopron bid farewell at one of the most beautiful Selmec traditions.

The ceremony traditionally began on Saturday evening in front of the University of Sopron campus, where after the torchlit procession and the singing of the anthem, Salamon Szabolcs alias Iron Fist, V. year forestry graduate president gave his farewell speech. Following the handover of the university flag, Fekete Gellért alias Montit, IV. year forestry graduate president bid farewell to the graduates, and then after the presentation of the graduation baton, the deans of the faculties - Dr. Bálint Heil from the Faculty of Forestry, Prof. Dr. Endre Magoss from the Faculty of Wood Engineering and Creative Industries, Prof. Dr. Zsuzsanna Széles from the Alexander Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics - addressed the graduates.


Prof. Dr. Attila Fábián, rector of the University of Sopron, emphasized in his speech: "Life is eternal learning and renewal! Do not be satisfied with your current achievements. There is always higher and higher, because the right path on your racetrack leads to the heights! The university needs additional knowledge and we need your strong shoulders, as these are the solid foundations for the education of future generations." The head of the University of Sopron also addressed the large number of family members who were present: "Thank you to your parents and grandparents for navigating you here and helping you achieve your goals. When your family members soon see the graduation procession, they will surely be happy to note that their child or grandchild was able to be a student at an institution with such a rich history, where not only the successful completion of studies but also the appreciation of human values ​​was of paramount importance."


Then, the rector opened the gates of the University of Sopron to the ceremonial procession, and then the graduates set off after the salamander to sing farewell to the streets of the city that is home to their Alma Mater.

Dr. Ciprián Farkas, mayor of Sopron, gave a speech in front of the City Hall, in which he emphasized: the late town leader Dr. Mihály Sopronyi-Thurner played an indelible role in the relocation and acceptance of the Selmecbánya Academy. The mayor of Sopron added to the students: when you step under the ancient town tower, I wish you to take the first steps of your fulfilling, rich and happy life. Do not forget that the gates of Sopron, Civitas Fidelissima, are always open to you.


Following the speeches of the graduate presidents, the students laid a wreath on the statue of Dr. Mihály Sopronyi-Thurner, and the evening was concluded by the traditional graduation ball.

Photos: Tamás Pluzsik

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