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Celebrating the End of the Semester at the University of Sopron

DSC00638.JPGThe International Semester Ending Party at “Károly Hill Ecotourism Visitor Center” was held on May 12th 2023, to celebrate the end of the academic year for the students who have studied at the University of Sopron including all faculties. The party was organised to provide a fun and engaging environment for students to relax and unwind after a long semester of hard work. This report should provide an overview of the event and highlights its successes and areas for improvement.

The event was held at the “Károly Hill Ecotourism Visitor Center”  and started at 3 pm, running until 7 pm. Firstly the Party was planned to be held at the Lake Salamandra, but because of the rainy weather the location was finalised to the “Károly Hill Ecotourism Visitor Center”. For that reason everyone had to bring their appropriate clothes to not get wet and stay warm. The dress code for the event was casual and students were encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. We got on the bus which was parked before the dormitory building “VUK” and rode for about 5 mins. We got out and walked for another 15 mins to get to the “Károly Hill Ecotourism Visitor Center”.  The event featured various activities to keep students engaged and entertained throughout the after, including music and games, food and drinks and as well some photoshoots. After the party ended we walked back for 15 mins to the bus and rode for 5 mins to get back to the dormitory.



The event was well attended, with approximately 40 students from various countries in attendance. The organisers for this event were firstly Ms. MÁRTA SÁNDOR and secondly Ms. Didem Kepir Savoy. The turnout was higher than last semester's ending party so the organisers were pleased with the attendance.


The activities provided at the event were a success. There was a wide range of music played that appealed to everyone. Some students danced and even sang along throughout the afternoon. The drinks were also well received, with a range of options available for students to choose from. The food that was cooked with the help of some students had a vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian option which received positive feedback from the students. Throughout the afternoon there were also enough opportunities to click pictures with their friends and create memories. The get-to-know-each-other games were a good experience to share information about their culture and knowledge as well. For the first game the participants got chocolate as a reward for answering correctly on the picture quiz about Hungary. These games were enjoyed by many students and there was a friendly competition between the groups. On the 1st and 2nd floor there was also a museum for animals which many students liked.


Feedback from students who attended the event was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the opportunity to come together and celebrate the end of the academic year, and the activities provided were well received.


The International Semester Ending Party at “Károly Hill Ecotourism Visitor Center”  was a success. The event provided students with an opportunity to come together and celebrate their achievements, share experiences and create memories.


Great thanks to Kevin Mathuppurathu and Reyfahdel Alief Prasetyo this report.


Further gratitude to:

Márta Sándor for the general organization, coordination and the Hungary Puzzle & Quiz,

Dr. Didem Kepir-Sávoly for the activities "taking participants to different countries",

Ákos Kovács for providing music and photographing,

Students taking care of the food: Jenő Káli, Anna Horváth, Bettina Dedics, Viktória Lippai and James Kudjo Govina,

International Coordinators taking care of the food: Csilla Csipkó and Klaudia Gortva.

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