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The University of Sopron started collaboration with Shandong Jiaotong University

Representatives from the Shandong Jiaotong University, Mr. Zhao Dejian, Vice President of SDJTU; Mr Fu Daochun, Director of Campus Development Office; Mr Ma Jianhui, Sector Chief of International Office and the President of Central and Eastern Europe - China Cooperation Developmet Association, Mr. Tian Rui visited the University of Sopron on the 16th May 2024.


The aim of the meeting was about the initiative of fostering international exchange and cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries in education and industry. Shandong Jiaotong University has initiated the creation of the “China Central and Eastern European Countries Industry Education Integration Development Center”. 

DSC02334.JPGThe Center aims to promote resource sharing and cross-regional collaboration among universities, enterprises, research institutes, and other institutions in China and Central and Eastern European countries, focusing on "educational exchange, technological cooperation, industrial development, and education-industry integration." Through amicable discussions, the University of Sopron has voluntarily joined the Center, embracing the principles of “equal exchange, pragmatic cooperation, mutual benefit, and sustainable development.” The University of Sopron actively participates in the Center's construction, engages in exchanges and cooperation with member units in areas of shared interest, and collectively advances innovative and integrated development in education, technology, talent, and industry.

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