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In the previous semester international students of the University of Sopron participated in various events and study/leisure trips organised by the Centre for International Affairs. The main objective of these occasions is to help our students getting to know Sopron and the Hungarian culture better, to encourage their integration outside of the classrooms as well and, of course to improve the student experience at the University.


To get an idea whether the students enjoyed these programs and in order to be able to plan better for the upcoming semester, all the international students received a short but comprehensive questionnaire: „Feedback, Preferences and Suggestions - International Events of the University of Sopron”. To encourage responders the survey came with a sweepstake; students had the chance to win ’University of Sopron’ gift packs.

ajándékcsomag.jpgThe organisers were happy to receive a great number of replies and to learn about the students’ predominantly positive experiences with the events and trips of the last semester as well as their preferences for the thematics, location, layout and information mediums, all which they will be able to incorporate in the organisation and implementation of the future programs.

On behalf of the Centre for International Affairs we would like to thank all the students who filled out the survey and we hope you remain active participants of our events and trips – you guys give meaning to our work. Lastly, congratulation to the three winners.


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